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We provide personalized and confidential counselling to individuals, couples and families in the comfort of our offices at 1501 - 17th Avenue SW, Calgary (MAP). Each counselling office is fitted with its own private waiting room for your convenience. Free parking is available onsite. If you have any questions or want to inquire about setting up an initial counselling appointment please feel free to call us at 403-220-1101. We look forward to talking with you and seeing how we can assist you with your current life challenges.

Some clients come in with a clear idea of what they want help with and others just don’t know where to start, or they might not know how to put words to it. They simply know that something is not quite right in their life because their level of happiness is low. Clients will book a one-on-one counselling session to work through a variety of situations such as: everyday life challenges, mood/emotional problems, relationship issues, family of origin problems, identity/self-esteem struggles, addictions and recovery. Whatever your situation, we can work with you on an individual basis as we tailor-make the time we spend together to best suit your needs. So whether you are currently feeling down, discouraged, stressed, anxious, depressed, angry, numb or just feeling “stuck” in some life situation, we can assist you as we help unpack your current challenge and assist you in working it through.

Relationships all have their ups and downs. They each come with specific challenges as life unfolds. The resiliency of a couple is its ability to not only survive such challenges, but also to somehow thrive in the midst of them. This does not happen though just on its own. Clients will book a couple’s counselling session to make an already good relationship even better, to work though a specific unresolved issue (such as communication, intimacy, finance, children, in-laws, infidelity, personality differences), as well as to work on a relationship that is struggling to survive or on one that has just ended. We can work with you in understanding the challenges, gaining insight, considering strategies for change and improvement, as well as assisting you in implementing them until your situation is where you’d like it to be.

Sometimes we need some objective, outside assistance in working with family issues such as our children, parents, in-laws, ex-partners, partners, siblings, extended family, co-parent, etc. Some clients come in individually to work on this, some will bring in another family member to do individual work (i.e.: a child, sibling, parent, cousin, etc.) and some will come in with another family member or members. We can assist you as you attempt to bring a positive change to whatever is negatively affecting the family situation, whether it be one member’s own personal challenges or a whole family dynamic.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What will happen during the first counselling session?
2. Are the counsellors registered with a professional organization?
3. What is the duration of a counselling session?
4. How long will counselling take?
5. How much does counselling cost?
6. What are the risks of not getting counselling when I need it?
7. I'm a business owner. Can counselling expenses be covered through my business?
8. Can counselling be reimbursed through my insurance or work?

1. What will happen during the first counselling session?
During the first session you will have the opportunity to tell your story. This is a key time in the counselling relationship to build trust and understanding. Your counsellor may ask you a few questions to gain further insight into your personal experience and to understand your expectations for counselling. It's common to feel somewhat nervous about going to your first counselling session. Just remember that your counsellor is there to partner with you. Seeking counsel can be one of the best things you've ever done for yourself. If you have any questions or want to inquire about setting up an initial counselling appointment today please feel free to call 403-220-1101 (Calgary) or email: .

2. Are the counsellors registered with a professional organization?
Each counsellor is registered with independent provincial and/or federal professional organisation(s) that recognize their credentials and ability to provide counselling services.

3. What is the duration of a counselling session?
Counselling sessions are generally scheduled for 50-60 minutes, unless other arrangements have been made. Follow-up sessions will depend upon what you want, the frequency of the sessions, and what the counsellor would suggest for your particular counselling request. Talk to a counsellor personally about any further questions you may have by calling 403-220-1101, Calgary.

4. How long will counselling take?
The duration of the counselling relationship depends largely upon the issues being looked at. Some may not require more than 2 to 8 sessions. Some can take longer, up to 15 sessions or more. Your counsellor should be able to give you an idea of duration once you've discussed your counselling needs and expectations with them.

5. How much does counselling cost?
Counselling session cost depends upon several factors. Please Call 403-220-1101 for further inquiries, or email at .

6. What are the risks of not getting counselling when I need it?
It is healthy to look at the cost-benefit-risk factors when considering counselling. To do so, consider what the potential cost would be if you did not get the help you need at this time.
- Could your personal health suffer? Could you experience an increase in stress, anxiety, or burnout?
- Could your relationships suffer? Could you possibly lose your partner, family, or friends?
- Could you lose your job, or that much desired promotion? Would this impact your financial situation?
- Could you find yourself struggling with addiction or using other unhealthy means to cope with the situation, if you don't seek the help you need now?
When considering the reality of what could happen, counselling can prove to be a rather inexpensive option to otherwise more problematic consequences upon ones health, relationships, and career.

Counselling should be considered as an investment in yourself. Remember, you are worth investing in. If you have any questions or want to inquire about setting up an initial counselling appointment today please feel free to call 403-220-1101 (Calgary) or email:

7. I'm a business owner. Can counselling expenses be covered through my business?
As a business owner you may have several options to choose from, depending upon your coverage and the type of service requested. Such coverage is not guaranteed, however, as it largely depends upon your line of business, the type of service you are seeking and current legislation. For such matters you should always consult qualified professionals such as an accountant and tax advisor.

8. Can counselling be reimbursed?
Perhaps. Your insurance/health/medical/work policy is a private contract between the company and yourself, not between the company and the counsellor. Therefore, reimbursement is the sole responsibility of the counsellee. Reimbursement cannot be guaranteed as it depends on several factors, such as what your policy covers. We recommend contacting your insurance provider prior to setting up a counselling appointment. Payment is due at each session, whereupon you will be given a receipt that may be used for your reimbursement requests.

Michael Haggstrom, Ph.D. can be booked for workshops, training and other speaking engagements. He is personable, insightful, and entertaining. He is a versatile communicator, speaking on diverse topics such as relationships, stress, depression, self-esteem, and other matters of well-being.
A wide variety of clients have enjoyed his fresh and enthusiastic approach to matters of life. Businesses, educational organizations, and associations can inquire about booking him by calling 403-220-1101.

Psychotherapy, Counselling, Consulting & Life Coaching RESEARCH
If you are interested in participating or funding a research project you may contact Dr. Michael K. Haggstrom via email at

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