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relationship problems divorce remarriage separation CalgaryPeople are concerned about marital discord, after all approximately 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Many people, however, neglect to regularly invest in their relational growth & find themselves in a place of relational disharmony. While it may be hard work, it is possible to learn how to transform an unfulfilling relationship into one that is more happy & satisfying. Research has shown that working with a counsellor can assist couples with the insight & tools to aid them in building strong, committed & fulfilling relationships for the long-term. Relationship conflicts should always be taken seriously as they can have disasterous consequences if left unchecked. If you have any questions or want to inquire about setting up an initial counselling appointment today please feel free to call 403-220-1101 (Calgary) or email:

(requires adobe reader): Relational Health Self-Test see brochure on Relational Matters

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FREE Articles: 3 Steps to Resolving Communication Problems in Marriage by Dr. Michael Haggstrom

Relational Enhancement or getting your relationship back on track
This type of counselling can strengthen your relationship in as little as 4 to 8 sessions. Sessions are tailor-made and clients choose the focus they want, such as: premarriage premarital counselling Calgary counseling counsellor counselor

  • Communicating About Problems Openly & Honestly
  • Practicing Win-Win Communication
  • Defining Mutual Life Goals
  • Rediscovering Romance & Love
  • Appreciating Personal Differences
  • Developing Unity & Respect
  • Overcoming Relational Boredom
  • Learning How to Meet Your Partner's Needs

Relational enhancement counselling can provide couples with insight to assist them in developing more fulfilling relationships over the long-term. It also has the potential to help resolve some of the current issues that are hindering their relational health. Note: More complex issues may require longer-term counselling. marriage couple resources books articles Gary Smalley Call 403-220-1101 to look into setting up an initial appointment in Calgary, or email:
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Ten Lessons to Transform Your Marriage strategies for strengthening your relationship

Creating More Love & Peace resolving conflicts and getting your needs met

Conflict in every relationship is inevitable, but unresolved pain is optional and is primarily caused by a coupleís lack of skill to resolve conflicts that arise. When couples experience failure in resolving issues or in getting their mutual needs met they tend to go to blame becoming more avoidant of their partner and the problems, or they may become more aggressive. If this doesnít work it causes even less closeness, and things only get worse as resentment builds up. Eventually, they feel as if they are walking on eggshells and may even begin feeling victimized by their partners. At this stage, they have now come to believe their partner really doesnít care.

However, it can more so be a coupleís lack of skill to resolve conflict on an ongoing basis and get their mutual needs met that have been the real problem all along. If a couple once loved each other then where did the love go? What caused the love to diminish? What caused the hurt to accumulate?

People donít regularly wake up with the planned intention to make their partnerís life miserable, even if it may seem like that when weíre on the receiving end of a disagreeable or dismissive attitude. Learning the right skills to resolve conflict can go a long way to heal pain and create a meaningful, more enjoyable relationship where our needs are met and friendship is enhanced. Call us at 403-220-1101 or email to find out more.

Love Without Hurt

marriage couple resources books articles

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Family Counselling
Family matters can be quite complex. Counselling can help you in:

  1. Developing Strategies that Work
  2. Defining Mutual Goals
  3. Dealing more effectively with Parent & In-Law Relationships

A counsellor my be able to help individuals gain insight, improve communication and develop strategies to better manage the specificities of their family dynamics. Unresolved matters can result in frustration, anger, and even depression.

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Pre-Marriage Counselling Calgary
Pre-marriage counselling generally involves between 4 to 8 sessions that allow two individuals explore the nature of their relationship. Topics that are looked at may include:

  • Individual Expectations
  • Effective Communication Styles
  • Personality Appreciation
  • Beliefs about Roles, Sex, Money, Religion, and Parenting.

Pre-marriage counselling can provide couples with the skills, information, and self-help tools to help create a solid foundation for their relationship. Call 403-220-1101 to look into setting up an initial appointment in Calgary, or email:

separation divorce counselling Calgary counsellorSeparation / Divorce Counselling
There are times when a relationship ends in separation or divorce. This can produce feelings of loneliness, anger, loss and disappointment. Research has shown that having a strong social support can prove invaluable, as can talking things out with a caring professional. Counselling can help deal with the emotional and practical issues that arise from separation and help you get on with your life.
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