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Seeking to accomplish your life goals and dreams on your own can be frustrating and discouraging, often taking longer than expected. LIFE COACHING can help to TURN YOUR DESIRES INTO REALITY by assisting you in:

  1. Meeting Your Expectations
  2. Developing Achievable Goals & a Practical Plan to Reaching Them
  3. Learning New Skills & Abilities
  4. Increasing Self-Knowledge
  5. Creating a Sense of Empowerment & Control over Ones Future Outcome

Please feel free to call Michael at 403-220-1101 or email us for any of your coaching needs.

Everyone has dreams or desires that are yet to be fulfilled. Unfulfilled desires produce frustration and dissatisfaction. Enrolling the services of a counsellor can enable you to achieve more than you could ever have done on your own. Indeed, it can help individuals clarify their goals and to go on to see themselves develop to their full potential.

Learning to manage stress is a vital skill in life. However, even the best find themselves drained of their energy and down the road to burn-out. Unmanaged stress costs Canadians billions every year. LIFE COACHING can help you in:

  1. Understanding your stresses & learning what you can do about them
  2. Developing effective strategies to stay on top of things
  3. Knowing how to prevent the high costs of unmanaged stress

Relationships affect health. If your relationships are good, then they will have a positive impact on your health. If, however, you have unresolved conflictual situations, they will negatively affect every other aspect of your life. Having the courage to do something about relational dysfunction is the first step to living healthier and happier. RELATIONSHIP COACHING can be a great way to work through problems that seem insurmountable. Having a coach enables each person to discuss the problems in a safe environment, to gain greater insight into the dynamics of the relationship, to resolve conflictual issues and to create more meaningful connection.

Burn-out can have very high costs in potential job loss, relational dysfunction, mental/emotional instability and personal distress. Burn-out happens to the hardest working in our society and is nothing to be ashamed about, but should be taken seriously and addressed with professional help.

free downloads: SELF-TEST: Am I Burning Out?
recommended books:
I Don't Want to Talk about It: overcoming the secret legacy of male depression
The Depression Helpbook
What Matters Most: the power of living your values

Are you getting what you want out of your career or job situation? Life coaching can help you to evaluate your present situation and help to get you where you want to be in life. It can enable you to assess your skills and abilities for new ventures or to better manage present ones. Alongside his training in counselling, Michael has training in business management and understands many of the challenges facing the modern career man and woman.

recommended books:
Seasons of Your Career: master career change
Managing Personal Change: tools for effective living
What Color is Your Parachute?: practical manual for job-hunters & career-changers

Life can seem overwhelming when you experience a major life crisis. Disappointment sets in. You find yourself struggling to move beyond the crisis. Trying to cope on your own may be discouraging. During these occasions it is important to have a strong social support. However, it is not always easy to open up to those closest to us about matters that may be deeply personal. Talking one-on-one to an impartial professional can help in:

  1. Gaining Insight into your experience
  2. Improving Coping Skills
  3. Bringing Resolve
  4. Finding Meaning

Please feel free to call 403-220-1101 or email us for any of your coaching needs .


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